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Solenoid Coils

Replacement coils for pneumatic imported / Indian solenoid valves…

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Coils for Hydraulic Valves

Rugged long life coils for any make of hydraulic valves of mobile….

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Coils for Electromagnets

Epoxy moulded weather proof coils for Electromagnetic bralces,

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Solenoid Locks

Various kind of solenoid lock assemblies for multilevel car….

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Solenoid Actuators

Linear solenoid actuators for Drink dispenser valves as per your…

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Linear Solendoids

Any type of open Frame / Tubular solenoids for linear / actuation…

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Rotary Solenoids

Substitute for German / US make Rotary solenoids used in automation….

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Latching Solenoid

6V-40V latching solenoid actuators for irrigation valves /drip irrigation systems / Gardening solenoid valves…

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Solenoid for Dosing Pumps

Rugged/ reliable solenoids for diaphragm actuation of Dasing Pumps…

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