Make your Stack parking system 100% safe

Solenoid Safety Locks for Anti-fall protection mechanism of stack car parking systems

Add safety to your stack car parking system by incorporating Clickfor Coils Solenoid Safety Lock to prevent the upper platform of stack car parking system from falling in the event of thy hydraulic as well as electrical failure.

Clickfor coils" solenoid safety Locks are precise designed and manufactured in such preciston and rugged way to hold the entire load of the pallet alongwith 9 Carm it. The solenoid locks are designed for 2,500 kg/3,00018/3,50018 load factor. These compact locks are having minimal moving components made up from high tensile alloy steel to deliver the expected resholdig holding capacity of 2.5t/3T/3.5 Tons.

The heart of the Lock - Solenoid is the masterpiece by clickforcoils, will never fail thrououl life of the lock @ 24VDC & 230VAC (IP 65 Protection (lass)