Solenoid for Dosing Pumps

Features : Very rugged / reliable solenoid actuator to operate the diaphragm of the dosing pump.

Types : As per your requirements

Application : Dosing pumps

Advantages : Strongly built actuator works flawless for continuous duty operation in any conditions.


  • 1. I need only a few coils for maintenance. Can I get it?
    – We can supply any small quantity for replacement , immediately within 24 hours.
  • 2. I don’t have a catalog part for coils .How do i get the coils?
    – Just send dead / burnt sample coil .You will get coil exactly as it is.
  • 3. I there any warranty for ‘Click For Coils’ ?
    – We offer 3 months free replacements warranty on all coils / solenoids , unless specified.
  • 4. In our plant , many solenoid valves are imported which make of coils do you offer ?
    – We offer ‘Click For Coils’ make coils which will be 100% exactly same as per the original in dimensions and performance.
  • 5. Do you have flameproof coils ?
    – Click for coils offer flameproof grade coils as per your sample.
  • 6. We need coils for high ambient temperature .Coils being used near furnace .do you offer?
    – We offer class ‘H’ (180 Degree Clecius) and class (210 Degree Clecius) insulation solenoid coils for high ambient installations.
  • 7. If we send a catalog of coils is it ok ?
    – No please send a dead/burnt sample coil to cut down time of communication .
  • 8. Do you offer weatherproof coil for outdoor installations?
    – Yes,we offer weatherproof /waterproof coils as per your specific requirements.
  • 9. We need coil but don’t have spare sample what to do?
    – Please send pic of the coil and sketch with overall dimensions on whatsapp 9324251065.Tat’s it you will get the coil.